Criminal Investigation

Domestic Violence | Assault | Gang Violence

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, or face criminal charges, a private investigator can be the most important person who can help fight your case. Our investigators at Coastline Detectives have saved people from years in prison by conducting thorough investigations. We obtain evidence to discredit witnesses, the accuser, and the prosecution’s case. We conduct confidential criminal investigations and will work directly with you and/or your criminal attorney.

Coastline Detectives offers highly experienced and skilled investigators who are prepared to work on a criminal case at any stage of the proceedings. In some cases, we can help prevent criminal charges from being filed or prevent a case from going to court. We can also begin investigation at any stage of the criminal process; arrest, arraignment or any other court proceeding; even after trial if there is a conviction. It is best, however, to begin criminal investigation as early as possible when the memories of potential witnesses are fresh and before the evidence is lost or destroyed. In cases where this is not possible, hiring a qualified private criminal defense investigator is still extremely important. Whether you have recently been accused of committing a crime, or are fighting a criminal conviction, Coastline Detectives will assist you and/or your attorney in providing the best defense.

Coastline Detectives Inc., investigates all felonies and misdemeanors including the following crimes:

Serious & Violent Crime Investigations

• Assault
• Robbery
• Murder
• Attempted Murder
• Manslaughter
• Carjacking
• Sexual Assault
• Weapons Possession
• Kidnapping

Sex Crime Investigations

• Sexual Assault
• Sexual Abuse
• Statutory Rape
• Spousal Rape
• Date Rape
• Molestation
• Indecent Exposure
• Computer or Child Pornography

Drug Crime Investigations

• Drug Possession
• Drug Possession with intent
• Drug Sales
• Drug Transportation
• Drug Manufacturing

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Satisfied Clients

“Coastline Detectives is the only investigative agency I use. Whenever I need investigative services, I call Coastline because I know I will obtain personal, confidential and reliable results.”

Adrienne K. Miller, Attorney at Law, Simi Valley, CA 93094

“I have worked with dozens of private investigators throughout California and nationwide. I can honestly say that none have come close to providing the level of quality and expertise that I have received from Coastline Detectives and the chief investigator LeighAnne. She possesses a creative and compassionate side that sets her apart from the other investigators where they fail, Leann succeeds. I highly recommend Coastline Detectives and the dedication Leann and her team envelope.”

Debra S. White, Esq.

“LeighAnne Salinas is amazing, creative, innovative and persistent. She gets the job done. She will not let you down! Call her, she will deliver the goods.”

Ronald Merlin Supancic Esq., Certified Family Law Specialist

“I was looking at a life sentence for a crime I did not commit. It sounds like a cliché but in my case, it was true. I have learned that even the best lawyers can only do so much for someone that is charged with serious crime. Without someone to scrutinize police reports and conduct thorough field investigation, as well as obtain independent statements from witnesses, a person is in real danger of being caught in our corrupt legal system. You are not innocent until proven guilty ... you are guilty until you prove your innocence. Leigh-Anne Salinas and her team at Coastline Detectives saved my life!! I am indebted to them forever!!”

Innocent and Free Los Angeles, CA

“LeighAnne Salinas is the best---aggressive and thorough. Her testimony at trial regarding her surveillance work was persuasive to the court and helped win my client’s case.”

Ken Broker. Esq.